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Our minimum guest age limit is 10 years old. Provided all members of your party are age 10 or older, you may proceed with booking a cruise.


There are two ways to book your cruise reservation on Cats Meow Cruises.

Option #1: You can reserve a cruise at your convenience, 24 hours a day, by computer, tablet or mobile device using the on-line reservation system. Pick the type of cruise you desire and review the schedule for availability on your preferred date/time.

Option #2: You can call Cats Meow Cruises at (574) 220-7007 and have us secure your reservation. Anyone wishing to schedule a Custom Cruise should use this Option since Custom Cruises do not display on the on-line Calendar.

For either of these options, a 48 hour notice of cancellation is required for a Private or Shared Cruise, and one (1) week notice is required for cancellation of a Custom Cruise. Should you need to cancel your cruise, but fail to do so without proper notice or No Show for your scheduled cruise, a charge of $50 for a Private or Shared Cruise or a $100 for a Custom Cruise will be billed to your credit card.

Please read this section before making your reservation!

Cats Meow Cruises, LLP reserves the right to cancel cruises due to unfavorable waves/water conditions, inclement weather, mechanical failure, or for other health and safety reasons. In the event that this happens to your cruise, you will have the option to reschedule or can elect not reschedule and will not incurr any charges. We will notify guests as early as possible if there is a need to cancel your cruise.

PLEASE NOTE: The BUY NOW button on the Reservation Book Page for cruise reservations actually means RESERVE NOW. You will input a valid credit card into a secure, encrypted server to reserve your preferred date and time, at which time a $1.00 non-refundable booking fee will apply. We do not hold your credit card information but are provided a transaction key for the credit card on file. The full price of your cruise is due on the day of your cruise, so please bring your credit card or cash with you to your cruise. Should you need to cancel your cruise, a 48 hour notice is required. Failure to cancel your cruise without proper notice or No Show for your scheduled boarding time will result in a cancelation fee being billed to your credit card (please refer to our Cancellation Policy under the FAQ section to learn more about cancellation fees).

By clicking Complete My Reservation, you agree to the terms and conditions and agree to receive an email from us confirming your cruise. We may also add your email address to our customer database and occasionally send you email offers that you may be interested in; you may opt out of these emails at any time in the future.